maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2011

Skin sale -50%!

So, from tuesday to friday there are pretty nice skin sales going on!

Recon Teemo skin - 260 RP
Aviator Irelia skin - 487 RP
Vizier Malzahar skin - 260 RP
I might buy the Teemo skin since it's so cheap and pretty nice looking. :)

tiistai 8. maaliskuuta 2011

Week 10 champion rotation

Here are this week's free champions, enjoy!
  • Alistar
  • Gangplank
  • Jax
  • Singed
  • Morgana
  • Tristana
  • Kennen
  • Garen
  • Miss Fortune
  • Swain

maanantai 7. maaliskuuta 2011

League of Legends tips n' hints


Build – Items you buy for a hero. Can include runes and summoner spells
Champions – your avatar you’ll be using ingame to fight for you.
Autoattacking – right clicking and letting your champion simply attack.
Skillshot – Skills which do a large amount of damage upon activation and target; can refer to a hero with these kinds of skills
Damage output – amount of damage done per second, commonly known as DPS (damage per second). Usually refers to Fighters or DPS champions, who need the damage to kill.
Greed – refers to players who reckless chase a low health hero, wanting the kill and the gold
Stun – to immobilize a champion for a period of time, usually via a skill
Taunt – skill which forces the enemy to attack the champion
Carry – kill so many champions and minions that you have enough gold to finish an extensive build before anyone else; in essence, your opponents shiver and run in fear when they see you. Applies only to late-game
Flaming – when a person or team, usually your own, scolds you for your lack of skill
Gank – Killing an enemy champion by having a teammate/teammates attack them together
Team fight – A fracas in which most, if not all, champions are involved, trying to kill each other
Jungle - jungling is an act of not being in a lane but instead leveling trough killing neutral creep camps found scattered all around the map in areas known as jungle

-The basic idea of this game is destroy the enemy team towers and finally the nexus
-Picking right champion - if your team has for example: Ashe(attack damage carry), LeBlanc(ability power carry), Malphite(tank) and janna(support), you should take a jungler(Warwick, Olaf, Yi etc.) 
-Do NOT feed (repeatedly dying to enemy team)
-Picking the summoner spells - each player can pick two spells that can be cash without using any mana. You should choose the two spells wisely
-Laning - in League of Legends laning means picking one of the three lands(top, mid and bot) on the map and leveling on the minions, pick a lane and defend it while leveling.
-You should always be last hitting the minions (dealing the killing blow) which gives you money. 
-Towers - in the laning phase you should always try to be "hugging" your tower so the enemy team gankers have hard time killing you. You have to understand how the tower works. If the enemy team champion attacks you while you are under the turret, your turret will start to hitting him and vice versa. You have to be careful when you pushing (try to take down the enemy tower) if you run out of minions the turret will aggro you and most likely you will die.
-Calling the "misses" which means if for example if you are at the bottom lane which is usually duo lane and you have janna/ashe against you. If janna or ashe dissapears on the map for like 10seconds say "ss, mia bot, bottom lane missing" which warns the mid lane that one of the enemys might be coming to a gank.
-Positioning is a really big deal in this game - you have to learn to be aware of your champion's position in relation to others and use the terrain to your advantage. One big tip is to remember that the grass blocks an enemy's line of sight - you should use it either offensively to hide and possibly make a gank or defensively by running through them to temporarily confuse the enemy.
-Know the champion that you are playing with. If you buy champion, please do everyone a favor and try it out few times in practise mode just to try out the mechanics of that champion and then join normal game
-Item builds. You have to consider what to buy carefully since you have limited amounts of money and there are chance you might not be able to finish the build.